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The Fairview Swim Club is a private swim club that offers a nice alternative to a city beach or pool. Memberships and daily admission are available to the public. Our season is from Memorial Day through Labor Day, weather permitting!


Q. This is my first time coming to your pool? How does it work?
A. You must fill out our guest registration form to gain access to our facility. You may do this online or at the swim club office.

Q. How do I sign up to become a member?
A. You may visit our club office during our business hours (11AM till 7PM, Memorial Day through Labor Day). If you are interested in getting an early start on membership or to start a payment plan send us an email to learn how to get started!

Q. What can I bring with me?
A. Adults must have identification with them, towels, and sunscreen. Every guest and bag is subject to search upon entry. To swim you must have on a proper bathing suit. No revealing attire, jeans, cargo pants... etc. Swim caps are not required.

Q. Do I have to be a member to come to this pool?
A. This is a privately owned swim club that allows a limited number of guests who are not members in each day. You can call ahead on the day you wish to visit and inquire about availability.

Q. What about food?
A. You may not bring in any outside food or beverages, except clear bottled water. To ensure the cleanliness of the facility, this rule is strictly enforced and is not exempt from anyone. This includes but is not limited to food pertaining to dietary restrictions, alcoholic beverages, baby food.. etc. We have a small cafe that serves delicious grab and go food.

Q. How much does it cost to enter the pool if I do not want to become a member?
A. The admission fee is $30 for adults (18+) and $10 for children (1-17). Consider purchasing your ticket in advance online to guarantee entrance, as we only accept a limited amount of guests in daily!

Membership Options

Individual Plans Enrollment Fee Payment Plan As Low As
1st Adult Person (18 years and older)
 2nd Adult Person 
 Child (5 years through 17 years old)
 Toddler (1 year through 4 years old)
 Senior (65+)
Adult Weekends/Holidays & Evenings after 5PM
 Child Weekends/Holidays & Evenings after 5PM  
 Toddler Weekends/Holidays & Evenings after 5PM  
Family Plans Early Enrollment Payment Plan As Low As
 1 Adult (18 years and older), 1 Child (5 years through 17 years)  
 1 Adult (18 years and older), 1 Toddler (1 years through 4 years)  
 2 Adult (18 years and older), 1 Child (5 years thru 17 years)  
 2 Adult (18 years and older), 1 Toddler (1 years thru 4 years)  
 Additional Add-Ons  Cost  Payment Plan As Low As
Cabana Rental (Consisting of: 1 table with umbrella, 2 lounge chairs and 2 sitting chairs. When sharing a cabana, one member must pays in full and list all members sharing cabana. Other members can pay them.)  
Seasonal Locker Rental   

Daily Fees Cost
 Adults (Monday through Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Holidays)
 Children (1 year through 17 years / all the time) 
Daily Locker Rental 

Enrollment Fee

Register on our website to stay up-to-date on any current promotions and to receive an accurate quote!

Payment Plan Information

Payment plans are available upon request, and are available throughout the summer!

Membership Application

Did you know you can now fill out the membership form online? When you arrive, all that will be required is ID and form of payment and we'll handle the rest.

Sign Up Now!

* Each additional person must pay regular rate. All persons applying for a family plan, must reside in the same apartment (subject to verification). Children under 18 years of age can only obtain membership together with at least one parent. Proof of age is required for all members. Guests under 18 years of age will be permitted entry to the swim club only if accompanied by an adult.

Advance Daily Tickets

Your Time Is Valuable

We know the summer heat can be brutal so plan your summer fun right! Purchase your day passes online now and never wait at the gate again.

Avoid The Lines...

Purchase your tickets in advance online, up until 10 a.m. on the day you wish to attend! You can choose your own seat, and will be guaranteed entrance, even on busy days! When you get to the entrance, just skip the line!

* Select the date you wish to buy tickets for to get started.

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